Hemendra Khatik

Full-stack Developer

I build scalable
mobile and web apps.

Got an idea to work on and need help? Bring your idea in descriptive documentation and I'll make a scalable tech for you.

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About Me

I'm a college dropout turned self-taught developer. I transform documented ideas into functioning scalable tech products.

At the age of 21, I built "Monorbit" a B2B SaaS product where we helped businesses to go online. After working with 6 startups, most recently I have started teaching coding online. Apart from work, I love to trek in the mountains.

Here's what I'm good at

System Design

Softwares are easy to build, scalability is tough. I make it simple using proper system design.


I love to express what I've built and how I've built it by writing an expressive document.

Team management

Being a Full-stack dev with more than four years of expereience. I can manage tech team very well.


I take workshops and currently running a CBC where I teach how to code.

Companies I worked with

Role: Full-stack developer

Work: I'm building AI Voice powered apps here

Role: Full-stack developer

Work: Built web-app using React, Created payment micro-service using node and mongoDB.

Role: Team lead

Work: Built android/IOS app using React native, System design, Team building, Hiring.

Role: Full-stack developer

Work: Built web-app using HTML, CSS and vanillaJS, Scraping and creating microservices.

Personal Projects

Built with: ReactJS, Storybook, Rollup

Work: An open-source react component library that helps you build your project faster.

Built with: Vue.js

Work: This app allows you to write emails or messages faster by providing auto-suggestions.

Built with: react-native, zustand.

Work: Dooit is an app that helps you manage tasks.

Built with: react-native

Work: This app allow you to create customized QR codes.

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